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Free Statements Writing Help Revision Policy

The Free Revision policy is a courtesy service that we offer to help ensure your total approval with your completed order. We require of you as our customer to provide your request for a revision within 72 hours after work delivery. We do our best however to send work way before the set deadline to allow reviews; however, the urgency indicated in a placed order is the deadline remedy. If your revision request falls under these guidelines we will readily revise your order to meet your initial requirements free of charge. The instructions must not be changed from the original order to comply with our revision policy. After the said deadline it shall be assumed that you the customer are satisfied with your order and will no longer be eligible for the free revision courtesy service. We are totally committed to your satisfaction and will be happy to work with you to resolve any issue you may have. In the case that you missed the policy deadline, you have a choice to have your order revised at a titular fee.

"Refund Policy

Statements Writing Help or our authorized retailers reserve the right to refuse service to anyone suspected of misusing our products or participating in academic fraud. We or our authorized retailers reserve the right to cancel any order at our own discretion under this policy.

You may request a refund if the work sold has significant grammar or spelling errors, or clearly covers a different subject from the work ordered in the initial instructions and description. Otherwise all sales are final."

Important Notes

Discounts: Discounts and special offers when enacted shall be used singularly and can only be functional per customer per order.

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"Delivery Policy

The work will be delivered by email or direct download from our site. Delivery time will be based on the deadline paid for (with the minimum being within twelve hours). The clock for delivery starts at the time the order is successfully accepted by and paid for at one of our authorized retailers.

Unclear Order Instructions

Because we work directly from your instructions they must be clear and precise. If your instructions are not clear and additional instructions are not provided in the required timeframe we cannot fulfill your order.

Be advised that once an order is completed any revision request must comply with the initial requirements and description. Any material changes from the initial instructions will be considered "editing". Editing is an additional service and the company will not conduct a free revision in that case.

Failure to meet the following schedule for provision of additional instructions if requested by us, according to the deadline paid for, will result in your order being canceled. It is extremely important that you review your initial instructions to ensure that you have included all relevant information and details.

Deadline 10 days down to 48 hrs; additional instructions or requests must be received within the first five hours after order acceptance email.

Deadline 24 hrs or 12 hrs; additional instructions and all additional requests must be received within one hour of order acceptance email."

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