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You tell us how we can serve you, AND for the best help with SOPs, Resume, Personal Statements & Admittance Documents, we may need you to provide us with some personal information.

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c) Order Processing, Follow up & Preview

We consistently update our clients on their order status via email and in their Client Dashboard. For any work status & follow-up questions, you can submit a preview request anytime from your account dashboard...

d) Completed Order Delivery & Reviews

Completed orders are uploaded in your Client Dashboard or at times submitted via email as an attachment(s). Always check your email inbox or junk folder for order updates & delivery notes. If you have not received your order by your provided deadline or if you need a revision; you can submit a Delivery Query Here

We have a  Free Revision Policy that allows free revisions up to 1 month after order submission. However, instructions must not be changed. Review request beyond these conditions attracts a variance payment per order per case.

Kind Note

Our process of offering services involves clear and simple instructions that anyone seeking our online custom writing services has to follow. First, as a service seeker, you will have to place your order with the full details of how you want your application documents such as the C.V, cover letter, resumes, personal statements, and SOP (statement of purpose) to look like, the desired number of pages(words) and the delivery date and time (Urgency).

After placing your order and the details regarding your document, you pay upfront and our online customer service agents will find the most suitable writer for your order. Your communication with the writer is through the agents through an online support system that enables you to know how the writing of your statement of purpose, personal statement, or any other application document that you have ordered from us is progressing.

Statements writing aidOnce a given writer is through with writing your C.V, Resume, cover letter, or any other document that you ordered from us, he/she forwards that work to our editors who proofread your work, thoroughly check it and correct any grammatical errors. Our editors also scan for plagiarism in any work before presenting it to our clients. We prefer that the first time you receive a completed document, you review and give feedback after which a final document could be sent in the case of the requested Review.

Guaranteed Excellent Help with Personal Statements-Documents

When you trust us with your paper, work, or document... and/or even with your personal information, we guarantee you confidentiality & professionalism.

1. We shall deliver to you impressive work.

2. We bring to you creativity and skill in a most unique way.

3. With our experience, we guarantee superior and seasoned assistance.

4. Be sure that writing is what we do best: All you need is to hire us for reliable services.

5. We do not resell already done work but we are original, dependable, and a professional service provider.