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Proposal letter writing aidA proposal letter is a document that provides the reader with the basic information of what is contained in the formal proposal. It is usually precise and short.  A proposal letter introduces oneself, one's organization or firm to the targeted reader. It describes to the reader what you do and what makes you stand out amongst your competitors that offer the same products and services as yours. It may also contain the qualifications, certifications and the experience of the person, firm or an organization that is intending to undertake a given project. It also gives a short history or background information of a given firm or organization that is to undertake a given project. Maybe it is the very first time you are writing a proposal letter, and thus it hasn’t been very clear what you are required to include or not. A proposal could be in terms of a business document or better still be just a letter. In order to write a professional proposal letter, you need to be very keen on the design, style, and format used in your work to ensure that your document takes its shape and tone. Along with detailing your innovations and goals, you will get to convince the reader that your proposal is reliable and thus should be privileged.

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  • Many people have Ideas but lack opportunity and resources to actualize their ideas.
  • Many Projects need proposal letters for approval from Supervising Authorities.
  • At times you need to put your recommendation to a firm or an organization as a formal letter or as a goodwill proposal.
  • There are other forms of proposal letters and we are willing to assist you with writing any of them.

It is also important to note that just like a cover letter a proposal letter takes the format of a formal letter. The language of a proposal letter is always formal and the layout of the proposal letter and its format is just like that of a formal letter.
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What is the Identified Opportunity?

Instant proposal letter writing serviceA proposal letter helps you to explain to your targeted reader how you came to learn about their specific problems or how you identified a specific opportunity in their firms or organizations. Also, it is in the proposal letter that you give a brief description of how you intend to solve these problems or how you want to take advantage of a given opportunity.

What are the benefits of your Project or Idea?

Best proposal letter writing helpIt is in the proposal letter that you briefly describe to your targeted reader the benefits of your intended project to his/her firm or organization. You also provide a basic breakdown of the costs of your intended project so that your targeted reader can see the financial implications of your project.

Action Plan

Write my proposal letterIn the conclusion of your proposal letter, you summarize the benefits to be received by your targeted reader. It is at this point that you indicate that you are ready for the business and that you will be contacting the targeted reader within a specified period of time.

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